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Re: translation issue for web site

# Sorry, I didn't have the viewpoint of people using multiple
# languages in their country (but now I do, I think :-).

In article <Pine.LNX.4.04.9909111857360.14921-100000@oleta.mustec.eu.org>
psj@mustec.eu.org writes:

>    1) The idea of having www.XX.linuxdoc.org as the translation and
> www.XX.linuxdoc.org/YY/ as the mirror actually amounts to the same thing
> as the opposite in terms of where translations are on servers.  Thus
> nothing is lost in having www.XX.linuxdoc.org as the mirror and YY as the
> translation.  People reading the Russian translation on the Russian mirror
> would still go to http://www.ru.linuxdoc.org/ru/.  There are a number of
> good reasons for having XX as the mirror though.

How about separating the mirroring function from www.XX.linuxdoc.org?
Instead, we can use mirror.XX.linuxdoc.org (or something), and...

mirror.XX.linuxdoc.org/    ... mirror of www.linuxdoc.org
mirror.XX.linuxdoc.org/YY/ ... mirror of www.YY.linuxdoc.org

Using this rule, we can use XX as location info (e.g. country
code such as "us" or "jp") and YY as language info ("en" or "ja"),
and user easily can determine where they should go.

Another (and maybe more important) point: I don't think all the
local ldp projects afford to mirror, or even if they do, there
must be some cases that they already have mirror sites in their country
maintained by another group (See http://www.linuxdoc.org/mirrors.html.
The latter is the case for us in Japan).  The cost to make a
new mirror (or integrate them) is not always low.

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