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Re: [oswg-dis] Re: reader comments & reviews

Greg Ferguson wrote:

> I really hope we can get to some level of common-ground on these
> issues. I don't want to see any sort of "turf-war"...it's unnecessary
> and ultimately will hurt and confuse the consumer(s) of the
> information/service(s) we provide.

As I said in  my followup, I didn't mean for my message to sound so
harsh.  I'm not at all interested in furthering the "turf-war".  You
must understand that much of my attitude comes from past experiences in
attempting to work with the LDP, during which all my offers to help were
turned down or simply ignored.  I should not let those past experiences
colour my attitude at this point, however, and I do apologize.  

I don't really see why it should be a problem if you are interested in
mirroring non-Linux content.  Also, perhaps my understanding of the LDP
licensing policy is in error.  I was under the impression that docs were
to be released under the "Linux Documentation Project License"
(http://www.linuxdoc.org/COPYRIGHT.html) or the "LDP Boilerplate
License".  Is there anywhere where the LDP licensing policy is discussed
on the LDP website?  Thanks.

- deb


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