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Re: [oswg-dis] Re: reader comments & reviews

On Jan 31,  1:40pm, Deb Richardson wrote:
> Subject: Re: [oswg-dis] Re: reader comments & reviews
> Greg Ferguson wrote:
> I don't really see why it should be a problem if you are interested in
> mirroring non-Linux content.  Also, perhaps my understanding of the LDP
> licensing policy is in error.  I was under the impression that docs were
> to be released under the "Linux Documentation Project License"
> (http://www.linuxdoc.org/COPYRIGHT.html) or the "LDP Boilerplate
> License".  Is there anywhere where the LDP licensing policy is discussed
> on the LDP website?  Thanks.

www.linuxdoc.org/manifesto.html discusses licensing. David S. Lawyer
has revamped the manifesto and is handling a lot of the licensing
issues. Here is a relevant chunk from that document:

    You can come up with your own license terms that satisfy these
    conditions, or you can use a previously prepared license.  The
    LDP has a boilerplate license that you can use if you wish. Some
    people like to use the GPL, while others write their own. There
    is a project underway to create a special GPL license just for
    documents and this may turn out to be a good choice.

In other words, docs on the LDP do not *have* to use the LDP
boilerplate license. We've got a few on there right now that
follow/have different licensing models in place.

best regards,

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