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Re: HTML HOWTOs and Re: CD edition

> On Apr 30, 11:03pm, David Lawyer wrote:
> > Subject: HTML HOWTOs and Re: CD edition
> >
> > What I think needs doing is generating single file html howtos.  These
> > would replace the existing tarred and gziped HTML files available for
> > downloading.  The HOWTOs for reading online would remain spilt to save
> > bandwidth for people who only read a small part of the HOWTO online.
On Mon, May 01, 2000 at 02:06:44PM -0400, Greg Ferguson wrote:
> Can anyone think of why we need the sep. HTML files
> distributed in their own unique tar'ed/gzip'ed packages?

There are many sites that take our HTML HOWTOs and directly put them
on the Internet.  They are not mirror sites and the collection is
usually out-of-date (in some cases a few years out-of-date).  Some of
them have some sort of advertising (or links to advertising).  Many of
these sites may do more harm than good especially since people get
stale versions.

Not having multi-chunk HTML HOWTOs readily available will make it a
little more difficult for them, but they can always get the sgml
package of all the HOWTOs and convert them to multi-chunk HTML HOWTOs.
What may happen is that some of these sites may not bother with this
but just have people browse the single-file HTML HOWTOs online,
neglecting to save bandwidth by splitting.

There are perhaps a hundred or so such sites, many of which are obviously
not being maintained.  One task would be to visit these sites and
invite them to become mirror sites.  I think that most of these sites will
not even respond, but perhaps we could get a few more mirror sites that
way.  I may look into this some more.
                        David Lawyer

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