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Re: Verbatim in DocBook?

> Does DocBook have an equivalent to the <verb> tag in Linuxdoc?  I'm trying
> to convert a guide I was writing in LinuxDoc to DocBook but it has a
> directory tree done in ascii and it just comes out a mess in DocBook.

Give <LiteralLayout>...</LiteralLayout> a try. As far as I can tell it
does the same as <verb> in LinuxDoc. From DocBook - The Definite Guide
LiteralLayout - A block of text in which line breaks and white space are
to be reproduced faithfully

Processing expectations

This element is displayed "verbatim"; whitespace and linebreaks within
this element are significant.

Unlike ProgramListing and Screen, which usually imply a font change,
LiteralLayout does not. How spaces are to be represented faithfully in a 
proportional font is not addressed by DocBook.

In DocBook V3.1, the Class attribute was added to give users control over 
the font used in LiteralLayouts. If the Class attribute is specified and its 
value is Monospaced, then the LiteralLayout will be presented in a monospaced 
font, probably the same one used for other verbatim environments. The default 
value for Class is Normal, meaning that no font change will occur.

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Gerard Beekmans

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