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Re: DocBook or sgmltool problems

Bruce Richardson <brichardson@lineone.net> writes:

> That worked, thanks.  Question:  in trying to fix this, I discovered that
> sgmltools made absolutely no objection if I just replaced the &ldquo with "
> wherever it occured.  Doing that, it seems to me, would avoid the problem no
> matter what someone's local setting for the above variable.  I have a hunch
> it would be bad practice though.  Right?

If you use the entity, it will be rendered correctly in PS output. The
entity generates the `` and '' expected by TeX (here JadeTeX). If you
use " you'll still get " but in an uglier way. 

> And I still can't get the Postscript output to like &tilde.

What happens?
What's wrong with using "~" directly?

Godoy.  <godoy@conectiva.com> 

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