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Re: Verbatim in DocBook?

Gerard Beekmans <gerard@linuxfromscratch.org> writes:

> > Does DocBook have an equivalent to the <verb> tag in Linuxdoc?  I'm trying
> > to convert a guide I was writing in LinuxDoc to DocBook but it has a
> > directory tree done in ascii and it just comes out a mess in DocBook.
> Give <LiteralLayout>...</LiteralLayout> a try. As far as I can tell it
> does the same as <verb> in LinuxDoc. From DocBook - The Definite Guide
> (www.docbook.org):
> LiteralLayout - A block of text in which line breaks and white space are
> to be reproduced faithfully

If it's a screen dump, try using the <screen></screen> tags. They have
tags for <userinput>, <computeroutput>, <command>, <option>, etc...

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