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Re: DocBook or sgmltool problems

On May 3,  8:37pm, Bruce Richardson wrote:
> Subject: Re: DocBook or sgmltool problems
> On Wed, May 03, 2000 at 02:05:19PM -0400, Greg Ferguson wrote:
> > I ran into this as well. There is a DSSSL setting that needs
> > to be changed to get the behavior you want (at least this
> > resolved the issue for me) :
> >
> > (declare-characteristic preserve-sdata?
> >   "UNREGISTERED::James Clark//Characteristic::preserve-sdata?"
> >   #f)
> That worked, thanks.  Question:  in trying to fix this, I discovered
> that sgmltools made absolutely no objection if I just replaced the
> &ldquo with " wherever it occured.  Doing that, it seems to me, would
> avoid the problem no matter what someone's local setting for the
> above variable.  I have a hunch it would be bad practice though. Right?

Correct (on both accounts). I'd stick w/entity usage.

> And I still can't get the Postscript output to like &tilde.

How are you generating the Postscript? You might need to provide
something similar in an overrriding stylesheet for print -



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