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Re: Authorship

Joe Cooper wrote:

>Careful, Gary, not to speak too boldly in the name of other folks.

I wasn't speaking in anybody's name except my own. I said, and I'll repeat it here,
that your input was invaluable because you were a new author and one of the target
audience of the HOWTO-HOWTO. You're welcome to supply any opinion you like and I hope
you continue doing so. I have my opinion, you have yours, and everybody else has
theirs. I'm perfectly happy with my own opinion, and I reserve the right to change it
without notice. I give you the same freedom.

David Merrill wrote:

>Mark, I wonder if you expected it to turn into such a major
project. Thank you
for writing it.

I second that.

>"Squabbling" is

You're right. I apologize. What I was attempting to convey was that the HOWTO-HOWTO
should be definitive. New authors should be able to depend on it. We do need
different opinions and different approaches represented, but they should be accurate
and complete. And the policy of LDP, whether it's about DocBook, the CVS server, or
format, should be unambiguously stated so that new authors can get things right
without a lot of monkey motion.

I like your idea of using the howto and reporting on difficulties. That's a very
positive approach. I essentially did that when I gave my input to Mark. We need some
more volunteers. Who was that lady - Lucinda something. I think I'll look her up in
my old message file. I couldn't find her.


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