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Re: Why not create packages?

On Jul 12,  1:19pm, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> Subject: Re: Why not create packages?
> >>>>> "D" == Dan York <dyork@linuxcare.com> writes:
>     D> Okay, so we've got tarballs.... how about making rpm and dpkg
>     D> files?
> Each distro has different rules for these, and at least with RPMs,
> the transition from a tarball is automatic once you have set up your
> master scripts.  I would rather let the distros handle their own
> pet conventions and stick to tarballs for the LDP distribution.

I agree w/Gary.

> Along that line, in creating the samples to take to COMDEX, I grabbed
> the HOWTO^2 but the sgml file does not include the screencapture image;
> I think as a matter of course, we should ship all docbook files as
> tar files which include the images, and for simplicity, ship even
> single files as tarballs of one file.

Ideally I would (personally) like to get rid of the source files from
those areas on metalab (/pub/Linux/docs/HOWTO/other-formats/docbook,
etc) altogether and instead use the CVS repository for anyone that
wants to grab source.

For example, if you want all source, including graphics
for the HOWTO-HOWTO, go to:


Does that seem reasonable? After all, that's what our CVS
repository is for (storing/accessing source).

One downside to doing this would be if some of the documents in
the repository were still "under development" and not released
or a part of the LDP yet.

Just an idea...


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