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Re: Why not create packages?

Greg Ferguson wrote:
> On Jul 12,  1:19pm, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> > Subject: Re: Why not create packages?
> > >>>>> "D" == Dan York <dyork@linuxcare.com> writes:
> >
> >     D> Okay, so we've got tarballs.... how about making rpm and dpkg
> >     D> files?
> >
> > Each distro has different rules for these, and at least with RPMs,
> > the transition from a tarball is automatic once you have set up your
> > master scripts.  I would rather let the distros handle their own
> > pet conventions and stick to tarballs for the LDP distribution.
> I agree w/Gary.

I see Gary's point. However, wide distribution of current documents is
most definitely a Good Thing, and if rpm packages will widen
distribution, it is worth considering. rpm is a standard. So is .deb for
Debian based distributions.

With .deb packages available, couldn't a Debian user automatically
update their documentation quickly and easily with apt-get? And,
couldn't a Helix Gnome user do the same with Helix Update?

Dan York is stepping up to the plate and offering to do the work; why
not let him?
David C. Merrill, Ph.D.

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