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Re: Why not create packages?

>>>>> "D" == David Merrill <dcmerrill@mindspring.com> writes:

    D> I see Gary's point. However, wide distribution of current
    D> documents is most definitely a Good Thing, and if rpm packages
    D> will widen distribution, it is worth considering. rpm is a
    D> standard. So is .deb for Debian based distributions.

Unfortunately, RedHat.rpm != Mandrake.rpm and Debian.deb != Corel.deb
Each distro has its own rules about how things are bundled and where
they should go.

    D> Dan York is stepping up to the plate and offering to do the
    D> work; why not let him?
If Dan has the resources to handle all the 140+ Linux distributions,
and he wants to host the resulting archive, then I say go for it, but
my expert opinion is that this is madness.

Tar files work on all platforms; what we need instead of multi-vendor
distributions is to be able to produce custom tarballs.  A pre-defined
set such as "Linux Embedded Howtos" or "Linux Server Howtos" and perhaps
a webform where people can pick and choose their formats and titles and
have them all bound together into one download.

Eventually, I would want to ask this server "Give me all development
workstation howtos with red hat and mandrake options for Intel x86
hardware" and get a nice clean set.

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