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Re: Why not create packages?

Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@canada.com> writes:

> >>>>> "D" == David Merrill <dcmerrill@mindspring.com> writes:
>     D> I see Gary's point. However, wide distribution of current
>     D> documents is most definitely a Good Thing, and if rpm packages
>     D> will widen distribution, it is worth considering. rpm is a
>     D> standard. So is .deb for Debian based distributions.
> Unfortunately, RedHat.rpm != Mandrake.rpm and Debian.deb != Corel.deb
> Each distro has its own rules about how things are bundled and where
> they should go.

If all you are working with is documentation, then rpms and very much
compatible across distributions. The same is likely true with
debs. However, please be away that Red Hat already ships a one CD set
of all the LDP Howtos already...

Prasanth Kumar

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