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Re: Why not create packages?

>>>>> "D" == David Merrill <dcmerrill@mindspring.com> writes:

    D> Does anyone know the FHS guideline? I just looked on their
    D> website at the 2.0 version, but didn't even see /usr/doc
    D> listed. Seemed strange; maybe it was temporary blindness or
    D> something.
I don't remember anything about it either.  It is also probably
unreasonable to expect the majority of Linux users will want to
install all the docs; unless you have a server accessed by many full
users (telnet, X &c) the hit-count average per doc is likely to be
very, very low.  Most LDP docs are throw-away items, guides to getting
something to work which are only needed until the item works, and then
are ignored.  Many deal with very esoteric topics of no use to the
average user but critical to those who need them.

For this reason, man distros do not put LDP docs into the installed
software but simply include them on a CD, typically in HTML only. For
example, IIRC, RedHat puts only the HOWTOs on disk to appear on a
machine as /mnt/cdrom/docs/HOWTO

It would seem to me to be more useful to resume discussions on
producing an LDP CD with tools to help find documents, and to work
diligently on the SGML sources to create cross-referencing between
papers.  The resulting CD, suitable for mirroring on an intranet or
website, would have a single root title page and a single (massive)
index, with a composite table of contents.  Our value-add for the CD
would be in creating the ldp.dsl (with Norm's website DTD?) to ensure
a useful interface.

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